Solo travel tips for everyone

While it is sometimes difficult to navigate a brand new public transportation system in travel however, it’s the most economical and frequently the best method to explore the city. It is the best way for you to feel more like the locals than to find the stops in your area and take advantage of the subway.

Pick your destination wisely in travel

There is no doubt that some places are more secure than other destinations. I’ve previously written about the most secure destinations for solo travellers , and I’m adamant about these as some of my favorite places I’ve been by myself.

Take your own path

One of the most popular choices for solo travelers is to take part in an excursion with a group, but after having experienced both, I would prefer traveling independently. The group trips are a source of making you feel rushed, and they focus in on the most popular points of interest, such that it is difficult to have a sense of the destination you’re traveling to.

Explore the city

An excellent way to explore the city is to test yourself to do an amount of walking every day or go to a specific group of places every day. At times, I take on an afternoon of tasting coffee and head through 10-20 city’s most sought-after coffee spots. At other times, I’ll embark on a vintage shopping and make around the city to find treasures.

Find out what you are capable of

One of my favourite moments on my own as a solo traveller and one of my least favourite memories was the time I rode the mountain bike down Death Road in Bolivia. The experience inspired me to get into mountain biking, and, as a result I discovered my capabilities.

Be patient

One of my favorite travel tips through the years was to slow down my pace and pay attention to the obvious. I’ve been able to spend hours in museums, observing the smallest of details and, before I realize that I’m engaged into a research project on a specific art form or.

Get lost during travel time

Although I am a fan of my scheduled days, with an agenda of goals I’d like to accomplish, I like wandering around with no plans at all. This is ideal for cities that which you’ve never been to because it forces you to make a decision without any expectations. Cities I’ve enjoyed being lost in are Antwerp, Stockholm and Tallinn.

Get locals suggestions during travel

The coolest cafes and concept stores I’ve discovered are hidden gems that I wouldn’t have come across without the guidance from someone who is local. I’m constantly asking waiters, baristas, and bus drivers what I should go and taking their advice.

Think about the possibility of a cruise

I know I know: you won’t believe it’s happening to you. However, I’m serious when I say that cruising is one of my preferred methods of travel after having travelled regions like the Middle East and Asia by cruise ships. This is a fantastic option to get rid of the stress from travel, as once you’ve gotten into your cabin, you don’t have to move your luggage. Each day, you awake in a different port and go out, eat, rest and then do it all over again! I would highly recommend cruising to solo travelers who want less stress and a more relaxing approach to traveling.

Learn an entirely new ability

Every year I visit Paris to study the latest techniques for pastry. Through my travels, food and baking are now a major interest of mine, so that I established my bakery in the past three years! A new skill to learn, such as the art of pastry and wine pairing, as well as classes in language or even appreciation for art is an excellent method to get immersed in an entire culture.

Enjoy the total independence of travelling solo

When someone wants to know how I acquired confidence in travelling on my own I typically go on an endless discussion about how wonderful it is not just to enjoy time in solitude, but also to be awed by time with no one else. Being completely independent on travel lets you gain knowledge about yourself, pursue your interests and grow into an authentic version of you.