Packing tips for solo female traveller

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If there’s one thing I don’t like about female traveller travelling and wearing uncomfortable clothing, it’s the fact that I wear them. This being said I don’t want to look like an college hunk wearing sweatpants all the time. I always make sure to bring my most comfortable clothes for long journeys as well as long flight.

I am a fan of incredibly soft cotton t-shirt sand pants and skirts that have adorable cuts which can be worn down or dressed also ensure that I have items that can be layered easily, such as cardigans and wraps that I can wear repeatedly. A thick, good Black leggings is an essential element of my wardrobe for travel.

Female traveller should carry a small bag

If you carry the size of a day pack backpack as your carry-on bag, you very rarely are required to be weighed. I think this is due to the fact that it’s less obvious and imperceptible. A lot less often than an open suitcase for an extra carry-on.

This is crucial if you fly on an airline which may be very strict with weight restrictions. My carry-ons are always heavy due to the fact that it’s packed with my camera equipment as well as electronics However, if requested to weight it (which is not often) I simply say that the item is cameras and they allow me in.

Because I tend to buy beverages and food at airports, I keep one small canvas tote that I have rolled around the outside of my bag that I take with me on the plane . I can put everything I require for the trip into, including the laptop I use, Kindle as well as music.

Pack a new set outfit in your bag

It’s impossible to predict what happens to your luggage if it gets lost. If you’ve been on the road for more than the past 24 hours and you don’t have clean clothes or a clean underwear can be a breaker point.

It doesn’t need to be extravagant I usually just bring an easy cotton dress, socks and underwear according to the climate at my destination.

Bring comfortable pair of shoe with you

Shoes are extremely bulky, and they take up a lot of space and weight when you carry them around. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it.

I follow a three-shoe max rule and I stick to it whenever I travel. If I’m heading to a warm place or on the beach, I’ll wear flip-flops or shoes, and sneakers for going hiking.

If it’s winter, I’ll be wearing my boots when I travel If it’s raining I’ll bring my waterproof footwear. Shoes that are wet can ruin your day.

Female traveller must bring Portable power bank with them

In the present time and age everyone has to be charged something, isn’t it? My entire life is stored via my smartphone and, when I travel it’s where I keep all my important information such as directions to hotels, maps flights, flight details, etc. This means that I have it constantly and I dislike the need to look for outlets at airports and transportation hubs, particularly with various converters.

I’ve splurge on a few tiny USB chargers for my portable devices and batteries over the years and they’ve proved to be a lifesaver!

Warm Blanket

Even in the summer I’m always sporting an enormous blanket that to wrap my body with during long travel days. When I’m in a freezing hotel room, an over-air-conditioned flight, or want to take a nap I am awed by the ability to wrap myself in a blanket whenever I’m in need of.

Leave “one time” outfits at home

This is a huge lesson that I’ve learned is to leave single-use outfits at home since they’re usually not worthy of the room. There are exceptions when I require a particular outfit for an event such as a conference or wedding.

I am a fan of gorgeous dresses more than a lot of girls I have plenty to fill my closet However, I’ve learned not to take the dresses on trips that are packed with people or perhaps just bring one. In the event that they don’t, they get packed on the middle in my purse.