How to travel on your own

During travel there are numerous hotels I’ve been to only to discover they are like nothing like the pictures. The best way I’ve discovered is to look up the rating in general in addition to assessing the number of people who have left reviews. If the hotel is rated with five stars however only one person believes it’s a good idea, you may want to think twice!

Try to get to know other travellers

When I first began travelling alone at the age of twenty years old age, I’d often notice myself becoming more shy. I noticed that with time, conversations became more easy, was more fluid and I began to realise that I was getting the same type of questions from my new acquaintances What are you currently travelling from? What are your next destinations? What are your favourite places that you have visited so far? These little conversation starters can quickly build friendships, and in no time the dinner you had for yourself was a great time with a stranger.

Wake up early

Many people ask me how I capture photos of national landmarks such as that of the Eiffel Tower without other people within the frame. The real answer is to get up early to catch the sunrise! The sunrise time means no crowds and no lines, gorgeous sunrise light, and the opportunity to get a spot virtually entirely by yourself.

Purchase travel insurance

One of the most important things to consider while travelling is purchasing insurance for my trip. If you’re travelling on your own, there is no one watching out for you. For security I make sure to purchase insurance for travel in the event that something happens to me. This includes flight delays and cancellations . Having insurance for travel in these instances helps relieve stress as you are confident that you’re not the one to pay for the cost.

Pack Light when you travel

The first thing I learned during my travels was to carry a light backpack or suitcase, and delight the advantages of carrying less weight to a staircase! There have been countless instances in which I’ve ended up in the middle of the 100+ steps leading to the subway with a suitcase in my hand and I’ve learned it’s always best to take fewer items.

Travel by yourself

In my early affair with travel , I discovered that it was easy to meet people from abroad. We are fortunate to be in the age of globalisation and social media in which it is easy to meet people who will show off their cities to you before you get there! Making friends with locals, learning some words in the local dialect and going to local coffee places is an excellent way to get to know people.

Visit Local Coffee Shops

When it comes to local coffee shops, they’re an ideal place to meet interesting people, or just take a break and observe the crowd. We often become immersed in “seeing the sights” of the city we are visiting and fail to slow down and contemplate the surroundings. These are usually the moments when I’ve had some my most creative ideas, met people who I remain in contact with today, or even taken a moment to think about my surroundings.

Explore by book

In most cases, when travelling on your own you’ll have some time to yourself. This can happen when you are waiting in queue, waiting in line between courses at a restaurant or long bus journeys. It is best to always carry books to read in and never be lonely while surrounded by my favourite characters.

Make sure you are sober in the dark

It’s a personal preference, however it is an important travel tip I’ve in my ignorance implemented for myself. Although I enjoy drinking a glass of wine after dinner, I prefer being secure more. I’ll only have an alcoholic drink if I’m planning to stroll around in a city on my own in the evening, as I’d prefer to keep my wits around me and feel secure. There’s nothing worse than feeling as if were being monitored or watched while walking by yourself and you must ensure that you take yourself out of any situation that you are uncomfortable in.