Best places to visit in Sweden

Are you planning your next trip to Sweden? Explore Sweden and the places to visit. From rolling hills and fields in the south and the archipelagos of west Sweden. Explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of the capital city of Stockholm or head north to search for Northern Lights. Northern Lights located in Swedish Lapland.

It’s not to say what transpired next was dull however, it is more the case than that Swedish Lapland is truly captivating. You could drive for hours and not see more than a handful of cars The landscapes are stunning. In reality, the most enjoyable part about being in Lapland is taking in the scenery while you drive or hike around.

There are times when you’ll come across a herd reindeer that are grazing along the side of the road, but more often than not , they are in the road! After having been to Lapland during winter the only impression we have is of the snow-covered landscape; however I’ve heard of summer it’s equally stunning as the snow melts and the countryside is brought back to life.

Northern lights

Search for your Northern Lights – Easily one of the most enjoyable things to accomplish when you visit Sweden is to test your luck with northern lights. Northern Lights. They’re not visible all evening of the year and we’ve experienced better luck during the winter months in Finland or Norway. However, if you want to view Northern Lights, and you’re looking for Northern Lights in Sweden, then Lapland is the best place to be. to be as north as is possible

Visit a moos ranch in Sweden

Moose can be found in the free in Lapland but they are far from being as obvious to spot as reindeer. In actual fact, in our 4 weeks of travel on each of Finnish Lapland in Finnish Lapland and Swedish Lapland and Swedish Lapland, we only saw a few moose out in the open one time! We took a break in the Arctic Moose Farm where we could get close to the animals and feed the animals. The owner of the farm is very warm and friendly, and it is evident that the love he has for these huge creatures.


Find a space station This is right, Swedish Lapland is home to its personal space station! It’s easy to comprehend why, since it’s situated near the edge of nowhere, and is surrounded by thousands of kilometres of land that can be used you can test. Visit the visitor center at Esrange Space Centre. Esrange Space Centre and enjoy an exploration of the exhibits, which show old satellites and other space-related equipment.

Ice hotel in Sweden

Go to an Ice Hotel In northern Lapland close to the equator, but not too far from the center of space in fact, you can find the appropriately called ICE HOTEL. It is open all year and houses around a dozen rooms, equipped with exclusive sculptured ice exhibits. It is possible to stay in the ICE HOTEL overnight, and they provide cozy beds to keep you warm during the night. In winter they also offer the hotel to a bigger size, with more rooms staying in.