Active Adventure Places to visit in 2023

Sometimes, the best way to truly discover a new place is to get out in the natural world on adventure powered by you that don’t have roads to take you. It will give you an entirely different view that’s not only literal when you’re on the side of a mountain or in the middle of valleys. If you take your travels in your own hands (and feet) you’ll discover the meaning of pushing your limits to unfamiliar places.

This year as part of our Travel goals for 2023 We’re asking you to bring a bit of activity to your journeys. We’ve got a variety of updated and new activities that will take you exploring old routes in Morocco, Bhutan or Peru and cruising down the mountains on bikes or skiing through Slovenia as well as New Zealand, and deep-diving into national parks in Australia and the United States. Whatever you’d like to go, now is the moment to start moving.

Discover Morocco Adventure

Take a ride to discover Morocco outside medinas in the new 9-day Morocco hike and bike round-trip route from Marrakech. The perfect blend of active adventure and exploration of culture This route will take you on the old caravan routes, stopping for a few stops off the tourist track to the Atlas Mountains and around oasis villages. 

Ride along mountain roads that pass through Berber villages. Explore mule tracks along an atop of massive cliffs to the town of Aremd in which you’ll spend the night in typical Berber gite. Also, you’ll visit the crimson kasbahs and travel into the Sahara Desert and hike through the lush palm trees.

Take a slow walk through Western Balkans

Discover the vast majority all Western Balkans when you set out on foot to trek through all of the Dinaric Alps. Beginning in Split in Croatia from Split in Croatia to Tirana, Albania, you’ll traverse between Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, having plenty of opportunities to venture outdoors and explore the wild. 

The all-new trekking the Balkans Via Dinarica excursion blends the very best experiences of the Balkans. Explore the wild horses with a star-filled night sky, and even to mountain villages that are remote in the wilderness of Bosnia. Wander through glacial lakes as well as trees of pine located in the Montenegrin Durmitor National Park and the Albanian alps. Finish your journey with a the comfort of a 2.5-hour ferry ride on turquoise the mountain-framed Lake Koman.

Costa Rica Hike

We have given us our Costa Rica Hike, Bike and Raft trip a complete overhaul in 2023. The eight-day trip is multi-sport and includes a something for every outdoor enthusiast. Take a hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest, home to an array of animals. 

Cycle along the palm-lined roads, stopping at secret Caribbean beaches before stopping for an Caribbean cooking class and lunch. Enjoy white water rafting along 52 rapids along the Pacuare River, through gorges and through waterfalls. If you’re looking for more, you’ll be able to do surfing on Manzanillo Beach.

Machu Picchu Best Place for Adventure

Around 1.5 million visitors go to Machu Picchu annually approximately 500 people traversing along the Inca Trail every day. However, this famous route forms part of the more extensive Inca road network that was constructed by the Incas more than 500 years in the past. Now we’ve added a lesser-known trail, more than 1000 kilometers to the from Machu Picchu, that sees less than a hundred people every year.

Our new 12 day Trek the Great Inca Road trip You’ll be accompanied by an indigenous leader and a traditional llama caravans to trek through a less-visited section of the trail, traversing the Peruvian Andes as well as the magnificent Inca location that is Huanuco Pampa and the Caral-Supe archaeological site, which was built around the same time with the Egyptian pyramids.

Learn about Western Australia

Take advantage of your hiking experiences with time in the ocean as you learn about Western Australia on the brand-new 10 day walk through the Western Australian’s Karijini as well as Ningaloo Reef trip. Starting from Karijini National Park, you’ll journey to the coast in an adventure in the wilderness and camping that will give you bird’s-eye images of the Karijini Range, and cool-down dips in gorge pool during the night in the night under the stars. At the coast there’s the possibility of swimming with whale sharks along in the Coral Coast at the Ningaloo Reef.

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